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Small Business

Tips and Techniques

Good Business Ideas

While most people prefer to work for someone else, usually within a corporation, there are entrepreneur enthusiasts who desire to have their own businesses. Owning a small business can be rewarding and challenging; yet, the idea is attainable and realistic. A few people want to have their own business, but aren't sure what type of business to start. Consider the following tips for good business ideas....(more)

Solidify Your Business Plan with a SWOT Example

Every small business plan needs a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a snapshot of positives and negatives about your company, including its advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and obstacles. The analysis identifies internal and external factors that will influence whether or not your business will be a success. By asking and answering questions to obtain information, you can create a SWOT analysis and see how to turn negatives to positives. If you are unsure of what goes into this analysis, this SWOT example will help you get started....(more)

Implementing Your Own Business Ideas

Many people have the dream of being their own boss and running their own business. A good small business begins with a profitable business idea. It can be a struggle to come up with a good business idea that will not only generate a good income, but that will also be engaging and enjoyable. Read on to learn about business ideas that can inspire you to start your own business....(more)

Advice on Using Verizon Web Conferencing

Nowadays, telecommuting and teleconferencing are all the rage in many businesses. By using these solutions, you can drastically cut back on downtime necessitated by commuting and transportation. Additionally, the overall cost of meeting in person is reduced because the aspect of physically transporting a person or group of persons from one point to another in order for them all to meet up is eliminated. One of the most popular tools used nowadays to make this happen is Verizon Web Conferencing. However, in order to use this tool with maximum efficiency, there are certain tips and tricks that you should consider using. This article will explore some of them....(more)


Five Basic Online Business Websites

With an ever increasing amount of business being done over the Internet, it is understandable to want to have an online business website. Especially when one considers the fact that 80 percent of business searches begin online. Whether a company or individual is looking to sell goods or services, having an online presence is essential. There are several sites out there that help make this a possibility....(more)

Key Considerations When Writing a Business Operations Plan

For a business to successfully achieve its goals, it must have a plan of action that outlines the tasks and actions that will be undertaken. Such actions are outlined in an operations plan, which every business should have. As part of the overall business plan, the operations plan's purpose is to explain the business's essential components, such as the physical equipment needed for daily operations, the labor force required, and the location of the business, just to mention a few. For the investor, a sound operations plan shows that the business is serious about its work, and that it has thought out the processes and details needed to make its vision come true....(more)

Small Business Accounting Software

Small businesses have a variety of options for their small business accounting. They can install small business accounting software or use online accounting solutions. Each small business accounting solution varies by functionality and price. Read on to learn about some small business software solutions that may be beneficial for your small business....(more)

Life Cycle

The Life Cycle of Selling a Business

Determining the most appropriate time for selling a business is something that has eluded many business owners over the centuries. This is largely due to the difficulty of objectifying a business and analyzing it in regard to putting it on the market to be sold. However, since the sale of a business should hinge on maximum profitability and the right time to sell, applying a model to the sale that appeals to this objective approach is logical. The product development life-cycle provides a paradigm for analysis, which can aid in determining the ideal point at which to sell your business. Read on to learn more about this model and its application to selling a business....(more)

Business Continuity Plan: Definition, Purpose, and Development

If you own a business, running in it continuously will increase your profits. A number of problems can make running continuously difficult to achieve, but business continuity plans (BCP) can help. You should set up a plan during the early stages of your business. Nevertheless, if you don't have one, you can make one at any time, and most businesses continue to monitor and change the plans they have as their business develops....(more)

Six Phases of the Business Life Cycle

Entrepreneurs look at the life cycle of business in many different. Most of views, however, are similar in that they universally recognize that every successful business goes through a similar pattern of creation, growth, and ending. The main difference is how exactly these stages of development are divided up. While there are many ways to consider this question, here the business life cycle is split into six easily recognizable phases....(more)