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Small Business

Small Business

Six Steps To Creating A Great Small Business Team

The quality of your team can make or break your small business. Pick a great one....(more)

Getting Started With Twitter

Twitter can help any business - even yours!...(more)

5 Tips For Hiring An Intern

Hiring interns can really help your business if you do it right....(more)

Advertising and Marketing

Five Tips to Help You Blow Your Own Horn

The key to successful business is being able to advertise effectively. No matter how small or large your business is; if you don't know how to blow your own horn and let consumers know what you have to offer, the success you desire for your business is likely to remain just beyond your grasp. Learn to express your company's best, advertise in an effective and creative way, and get the most for your small business....(more)

Create More Sales with Customized Marketing

Every company knows that without effective marketing, their business will not survive. Marketing must also be used to its fullest potential to maximize profit, which means there must be a unique marketing plan designed specifically to fit that company's needs. Customized marketing is one approach to getting the most out of marketing strategies, and it is very effective if your business fits certain specifications. This guide explains customized marketing in detail, including its advantages and whether or not to hire outside help for it....(more)

Tips for Attracting Prospective Clients

One of the most challenging parts of running a new business is attracting new clients. You often have to compete with established businesses that have earned their customers' devotion. Thus, your challenge is to find curious customers before they are picked up by your competitors. The first part of attracting prospective clients is advertising and marketing, which involves some attention, time, and energy from you....(more)


The Legality of Error and Omissions

Having to deal with an error and omission lawsuit is one of the last things that you want to encounter as a small business. In many cases, such a legality may run your business into the ground if it is not properly dealt with. One of the first steps to addressing such a matter is to understand its background and its implications. This article will explore what error and omission means from a legal standpoint, as well as how you can address these issues in relation to your business....(more)

The Definition and Use of Trademarks

You may have heard about companies' owning or licensing trademarks. The definition of trademark is a sign, symbol, or design of some sort used to protect, promote, or commercialize a product or service. Having a registered trademark is an excellent way to make sure that nobody copies or sells your products without your consent. Learn more about trademarking to learn how to grow, protect, and expand your business....(more)

Business Liability Insurance

Small businesses have many daily concerns that affect their success. Among these are product quality, customer service, and meeting financial demands. One of the less discussed business concerns is liability. Liability refers to a company or person being held responsible for some adverse action that befalls a person due to actions or lack of action by a person or company. In the business world, liability insurance is used to protect said business or business owner from liability claims....(more)